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The Company

Mission and Vision


EMC will be the world leader in drilling fluid technology

EMC is an oilfield drilling fluid services company that provides specialty products and innovative solutions to ease drilling operations in the oil and gas industry.


EMC combines creative chemistry with advanced engineering expertise offering innovative drilling fluid chemicals and technologies. With cutting edge and advanced R&D supported by a strong technical support network, we help maximize the productivity and cost-efficiency of drilling operations.

Headquartered in Norway, EMC has developed a range of specialty drilling fluid products and aims to provide high quality, environmentally friendly and efficient services to clients. EMC supplies a wide range of products and technical engineering services for water-based drilling fluid systems ensuring they perform at the highest level and optimize operational efficiency for customers meeting all necessary requirements.

We pride ourselves on products that can be used in some of the most challenging wells all over the world in extreme environments, delivering outstanding performance in HPHT, slim-hole and extended reach drilling. Our comprehensive range of non-invasive, HPHT and high-performance water based drilling & drill-in fluid systems offer broad spectrum solutions for various drilling fluid issues related to rheology and filtration control, lubricity, formation inhibition, lost circulation prevention, alkalinity control etc.

EMC sets itself apart from competitors with ‘out of the box’ thinking and providing highly cost-effective solutions when other traditional service companies fail to perform. We have an experienced team of high performing Engineers ensuring regular upgrading of our product range making them internationally acceptable. Quality is the most important aspect for EMC’s products, services and practices, and we have an absolute commitment to operational safety also being environmentally conscious. EMC’s highly specialized products are truly unmatched and target specific wellbore problems keeping synergistic drilling fluid properties in mind.

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