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EMC has developed a wide range of speciality drilling fluid products which combine into a High-Performance Water Based Drilling Fluid system called AURADRILL. AURADRILL surpasses the performance of existing water-based drilling fluid systems and creates an operationally favourable and environmentally friendly alternative to Oil Based Mud.

Despite its benefits in cuttings lifting capacity, return permeability, resistance towards barite sagging and environmental acceptance, water-based drilling fluids have traditionally been outperformed by oil-based mud in the most advanced drilling operations. The primary benefits of oil-based fluids have been related to its stability with regards to clay and shale as well as its lubricating effects. In combination this has created better formation stability, cuttings and solids removal and rates of penetration.

With this view in mind, EMC has developed the AURADRILL system to re-create the benefits of oil-based mud, without losing the inherent benefits of water-based systems.

The result is that AURADRILL is suitable for operations drilling complex or unconventional wells where oil- or synthetic based muds can be avoided.

AURADRILL has a few different components that make a steep change in performance.

It is cost saving for the clients and has lesser problems associated with its disposal.

AURADRILL satisfies environmental requirements for use in offshore drilling environment permitting discharge of whole mud and drilled cuttings. Use of AURADRILL eliminates waste management infrastructure, equipment and testing costs associated with Non-Aqueous Fluids


AURADRILL is designed based on a novel inhibition concept taking care of the benefits in key areas like;

  • Torque and drag reduction

  • Minimized differential sticking

  • Minimized bit balling and accretion

  • Gumbo and clay stability

  • Shale and clay stability

  • Solids removal efficiency

  • High rates of penetration

  • Lower well cost

  • Environmental benign products

AURADRILL functionality.png

EMC has developed new chemistry which greatly enhances the performance of AURADRILL relative to other water-based drilling fluid systems. Key components include:

  • FEBRICOAT – to control pore-pressure transmission for control of fluid loss and avoiding differential sticking

  • FEBRICOAT ULTRA - extending the unique FEBRICOAT performance beyond 200 degrees Celsius

  • AURACOAT - the ultimate soluble Non-Invasives Fluid product for reservoir protection. It enhances return permeability and increases reservoir production

  • AURAFIX - for seepage control and wellbore strengthening

  • AURAHIB -  for inhibition to increase clay-, shale- and cuttings stability and thereby increase well stability, cuttings encapsulation and solids removal

  • AURACAP - for cuttings encapsulation improving cuttings recovery

  • AURAGLIDE - for lubricity and reducing torque and drag

  • AURABRIDGE - the ultimate soluble LCM for reservoir protection.

190511 clay ball integrity.jpg

Example of AURADRILL encapsulating balls made of reactive clay even after extensive hot-rolling.

AURADRILL quickly creates a thin layer on the clay preventing it from being hydrated and swelling. After extensive hot-rolling, the clayballs remain intact, as no water is allowed to penetrate the thin coating.

Although KCl+Polymer+Glycol (KPG) drilling fluids are known to be efficient in protecting clays and shales from swelling, it proves to be no match for the new AURADRILL system.

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