Research and Development

EMC has a fully equipped Research and Development laboratory for developing High Performance Drilling Fluid products

The EMC laboratory in Ahmedabad is the main Research and Development facility for testing and developing new Smart Fluid Technology for EMC's Drilling Fluid products.

EMC is doing research related to development of new products within the field of Drilling Fluids. The Laboratory and Scientists are available for testing and adaption of products to meet specific client requirement, in relation to Drilling Fluid systems, Non-Invasive Fluids and Lost Circulation.

EMC has entered into a research collaboration with Professor Arild Saasen at the Department of Energy and Petroleum at the University of Stavanger. EMC's ambition is to increase the understanding of drilling operations and to develop world class products in order to provide better, faster and more environmentally friendly drilling.

The Research and Development of EMC is supported by Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway

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