Reservoir Drilling

EMC has developed a range of products in the AURADRILL family with the key objective of eliminating drilling fluid induced formation damage in reservoirs and improving return permeability and production. The self-sealing mechanism ensures that pore-pressure transmission may be eliminated, and that extended reach drilling becomes possible.

EMC has successfully applied its Smart Fluid Technology in situations where high differential pressures and permeable or fractured formations create situations with challenges such as lost circulation, differential sticking and wellbore integrity. The patent pending technology has now also been adapted with the specific objective of eliminating damages to the reservoir caused by solids and the drilling fluid itself.

The inherent nature of oil- and gas reservoirs is the presence of porosity, permeability and fractures of various concentrations and sizes. This causes a natural exposure to losses of drilling fluids into the reservoir when drilling with an overbalance. The constituents of the drilling fluid, including weighting agents, and drilled cuttings present a risk for reducing permeability and plugging fractures permanently, so that the production potential of the well is reduced. EMC’s Smart Fluid Technology has been particularly adapted to seal of the wellbore with minimum loss of drilling fluid and minimum interaction between the drilling fluid and the formation. Also, the products are designed for ease of removal once the drilling operation has been successfully completed.


Increasing ECD window for extended reach drilling

EMC products have been tested in renowned University laboratories proving a capacity to surface-seal fractures up to several millimeters and at pressures up to 5000psi (345 bar). FEBRICOAT has also been proven in field trials holding differential pressures in excess of 4100psi (283 bar). The unique sealing capacity ensures that the products facilitates better reservoir protection and increases the potential for drilling extended reservoir sections without losing control over the well. Reference SPE-195609-MS

Improving reservoir protection for enhanced production

  • FEBRICOAT is a cellulose based Non-Invasive Fluid product that is ideal for sealing of permeable formations with a unique differential pressure sealing capacity. FEBRICOAT will be removed from a permeable well using a light reverse pressure. As a contingency the product may also be dispersed by a breaker and has moderate acid solubility.

  • FEBRICOAT ULTRA extends the capacities of FEBRICOAT into drilling situations where temperatures exceed 200 degrees Celsius.

  • AURACOAT is a unique Non-Invasive Fluid product with solubility, characteristics and capabilities not seen before in the drilling fluid industry. Please contact EMC for a detailed introduction.

  • AURABRIDGE is a Lost Circulation Material built on the unique technology of AURACOAT, but with a coarser particle distribution of healing of high-loss situations.

Preventing Drilling Fluid Induced Reservoir Formation Damage


EMC has recently been selected to present at the SPE/IADC Middle East Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition to be held in Abu Dhabi, 25-27 May 2021. The research has been conducted jointly with University of Stavanger to evaluate EMC products' ability to form HTHP seals of permeable formations without the presence of solids in the drilling fluid. SPE-202187-MS is titled Preventing Drilling Fluid Induced Reservoir Formation Damage.

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SPE IADC 2021 paper number.JPG

"Leaving Nature Untouched"

The EMC products are based on biological components with a high concentration of cellulose and are as such biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

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