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A new standard for drilling depleted reservoirs

At ADIPEC 2023, ADNOC presented their experiences from applying EMC's Non-Invasive Fluid technology in their reservoir drilling fluids. Two years of pre-trial and post-trial laboratory experiments were shown to predict and confirm the excellent results obtained in the field. The extensive conference paper, SPE-216525-MS, was presented by Ramanujan Jeughale, ADNOC Offshore.

Key conclusions were better ROP, no differential sticking, reduced torque and drag, better ECD, 35-40% reduction in fluid loss with HPHT/PPT, 47% reduction in bridging concentration, more stable fluid and excellent return permeability.

The success of the field applications was the product of extensive collaboration between ADNOC Offshore, European Mud Company and Petrochem Performance Chemicals.

For more information, please contact EMC.

Foto: Jan Kristian Vasshus, EMC, and Ramanujan Jeughale, ADNOC Offshore


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