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Setting records on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

One of the newly developed preventative AURACOAT LCM materials designed by EMC were used to set a new slim-hole drilling record in a fractured limestone reservoir offshore Norway. Two wells were completed during the summer of 2022 with excellent wellbore strengthening effect in a formation that is well known to be challenging. One of the reservoirs was drilled with 2500 psi overbalance and zero losses.

The material showed excellent resistance towards degradation and worked perfectly with the directional drilling tools.

AURACOAT is a family of products within the Non-Invasive Fluid technolgy, specially designed for wellbore strengthening and reservoir drilling. A key function of the technology is preventing transmission of the wellbore pressure into the pores of the formation, and thereby preventing a destabilisation of the wellbore. Similarly, AURACOAT is effective in creating an external low-permeability filter-cake, with reduced solids invasion, which reduced formation damage relative to conventional LCM plugging methods.

For more information, please contact EMC.


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