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EMC technology receives high praise in Independent University Study

At the Society of Petroleum Engineers' One Day Seminar i Bergen, Norway, on May 14th, Professor at University of Stavanger, Arild Saasen, presented a paper (SPE-195609-MS) regarding High-Pressure testing of Lost Circulation Materials. The paper details specific results regarding LCM materials' capabilities of sealing a large range of slotted discs, simulating large fractures in a well. Tests were conducted at a range of slotted discs, showing the unique capability of sealing a large range of fractures up to a differential pressure of 5000psi, without failing.

"...excellent performance in terms of sealing a wide range of slot openings whilst withstanding very high differential pressures. It suggests that a considerable number of situations related to loss of drilling fluids can be succesfully cured without reverting to cementing..."

Arild Saasen is renowned for his work within Drilling, and was awarded the Society of Petroleum Engineers North Sea 2018 Regional Drilling Engineering Award.


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